New Zealand Babywearing Week

New Zealand Babywearing Week is an annual outreach event to celebrate and promote the many benefits of using a baby sling or carrier as a parenting tool. Professionals and parent support groups around the country are hosting events from Saturday October 1 to Sunday October 9. Many events around the country include giveaways.
Find out what is happening in your area with the following links:


BWENZ consultant events include:
– Daily prize giveaways at Babywearing with Jess (
– Little Sprouts Giving Day at MAMA Maternity held by Babywearing with Jess (
– Combined services Sling Walk including prize giveaways, and ring sling raffle with The Sing Lady in Christchurch (
– Wrap and consultation giveaway at Up-a-Bubba (


Peer-to-peer groups:




Visit retailers to check out their specials for NZ Babywearing Week.

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